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The EU's commitment to effective multilateralism, with the UN at its core, is a central element of its external action. As a UN observer with enhanced status, the EU delegation coordinates with its 28 Member States to speak with one voice. The EU also works closely with the UN secretariat and its agencies, funds & programmes, partnering on a range of global issues and challenges.

19 December 2016, Brussels – Statement by the Spokesperson on the liberation of Sirte

The liberation of Sirte from Daesh represents a significant step forward for Libya.

We congratulate the Libyans for their efforts in this regard and pay tribute to those who have died in the fight against terrorism.

The EU stands ready to provide support to Sirte’s inhabitants. The fight against terrorist groups in Libya is not yet over and all Libyans need to unite in this fight.

The EU reiterates its continuing support to the Libyan Political Agreement and to the efforts of the Presidency Council to build on it as a basis for the future of Libya and its people. All stakeholders in Libya should come together in a spirit of compromise so that the Libyan Political Agreement can succeed.

We expect all parties to refrain from violence and from the use of military means aimed at forcing a unilateral solution to Libya’s political crisis. Recent waves of violence, like the one in Tripoli recently, as well as irresponsible statements calling for armed confrontation, will risk endangering the process of building a stable, secure and prosperous Libya for its citizens.

  • Ref: EU16-1219
  • EU source: European Union
  • UN forum:
  • Date: 19/12/2016

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