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EU at the UN

The EU's commitment to effective multilateralism, with the UN at its core, is a central element of its external action. As a UN observer with enhanced status, the EU delegation coordinates with its 28 Member States to speak with one voice. The EU also works closely with the UN secretariat and its agencies, funds & programmes, partnering on a range of global issues and challenges.



Mr Chairman,

On behalf of the EU and its Member States I would like thank Ambassador Pereira and the Coordinator of the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism, Ms. Telalian, for their continuous and tireless efforts to find the best way forward for our discussions on a draft comprehensive convention on international terrorism (CCIT).

We would like to underline our commitment to strengthening the international counter-terrorism legal framework in a broad sense, including through the successful conclusion of a CCIT convention. In this context, we underscore the importance of ratification of existing sectoral conventions, as this would undoubtedly enhance the legal anti-terrorism regime.

We also believe that the United Nation’s Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy remains of pivotal importance as an instrument underpinning our efforts aimed at countering terrorism and, to this end, we support the development of national and regional strategy implementation plans; the enhancement of capacity-building efforts; the promotion of international cooperation; and the strengthening of international solidarity with victims of terrorism.

We would also like to take this opportunity to reiterate our position as expressed during the debate on the item “Measures to eliminate International Terrorism” in the framework of the 6th Committee earlier this month, and recall our readiness to consider the 2007 proposal, without further modifications, provided that other delegations are willing to accept the 2007 proposal as is.

Thank you, Mr Chairman. 

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