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Kosovo' Status: Troika Press Communiqué, Baden Conference

Summary: 28 November 2007, Baden, Austria – The EU/ U.S./Russia negotiating Troika has completed an intensive conference with the delegations from Belgrade and Pristina to discuss Kosovo's status. The Troika brought together leaders of both sides in Baden, Austria, for nearly three days of intense talks. The Baden Conference marks the end of Troika-sponsored face to face negotiations.

Over the course of the talks, the Troika urged the parties to consider a broad range of options for Kosovo's status. The Troika explored together with both sides every reasonable status outcome for Kosovo to determine where there might be potential for a mutually-acceptable outcome.

Regrettably, the parties were unable to reach an agreement on Kosovo’s future status. Nevertheless, the Troika believes that the parties benefited from this period of intensive dialogue. It was an opportunity for them to build trust and to identify shared interests, in particular their desire to seek a better future through achievement of a European perspective.

The Troika-led negotiations provided the parties six occasions to discuss directly the final status of Kosovo. The negotiations created an opportunity to engage in dialogue at the highest levels. These meetings have permitted the Troika to reiterate the importance of maintaining peace, avoiding incitement to violence and jeopardizing security in the region. The parties have accepted these principles repeatedly, most recently during the Baden Conference. Both sides made it clear they wish to avoid violence. This commitment to peace must continue after the Troika completes its work on December 10. The Troika calls on Belgrade and Pristina to maintain communications without prejudice to their positions on status. It is up to Belgrade and Pristina to sustain their commitment to peace and dialogue on issues of mutual concern.

The Troika will now begin to draft the report which will be submitted no later than December 10 to Secretary General by the Contact Group. During the Troika’s December 3 visit to Belgrade and Pristina, it will review this report with the parties. After the Contact Group submits the report to the UN Secretary General, the Troika's mandate will conclude.

  • Ref: CL07-278EN
  • EU source: Council
  • UN forum: 
  • Date: 28/11/2007

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