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Kosovo's Future Status: Troika Press Statement

Summary: 22 October 2007, Vienna – Under Troika auspices delegations from Belgrade and Pristina continued their direct dialogue to discuss Kosovo's future status.

Pristina was represented by the Unity Team led by President Fatmir Sejdiu, Prime Minister Agim Ceku, President of the Assembly Kole Berisha, Hashim Thaci, Veton Surroi, Blerim Shala and Skender Hyseni.

Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic and the Minster for Kosovo and Metohija Slobodan Samardzic led the Belgrade delegation. It also included Feodor Starcevic, Branislava Alendar, Aleksandar Simic, Gaso Kenezevic, Thomas Fleiner, Milos Jovanovic, Ivana Radic, Zoran Soljaga, Valdimir Jovicic, Marko Jaksic and Goran Bogdanovic.

As part of its intention to be vigorous and proactive in the search for a solution, the Troika submitted to the parties points for discussion with a view to identifying areas of agreement that might open a path to a negotiated solution. The Troika listened to and faithfully recorded the parties' responses to each of the points. The exchange represents a part of the ongoing Troika discussion with the parties.

The Troika first met separately with each side to further discuss possible areas of agreement in the parties' positions. The Troika then facilitated several hours of direct face-to-face talks between the parties further discussing final status and possible areas of agreement between the parties.

Both parties stated that they would continue to abide by their commitment made to refrain from any provocative acts or statements that might jeopardize the security and stability of the region or the Troika process. The Troika repeated the statement it made in Brussels on October 14, reminding the parties of the Contact Group Ministerial Statement of 27 September, and expressed the hope that elections, due in Kosovo on 17 November, would take place with full participation of all communities and against a calm and orderly background.

The Troika will next meet with the parties in Vienna on November 5.

The Troika reminded both parties that the Troika process will be concluded by the Contact Group reporting to the UN Secretary General by 10 December.

  • Ref: CL07-251EN
  • EU source: Council
  • UN forum: 
  • Date: 22/10/2007

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