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Nepal: EU Presidency Declaration on the formation of the Interim Government

Summary: Nepal: EU Presidency Declaration on the formation of the Interim Government (1 April 2007: Brussels)

The EU congratulates the newly formed Nepalese interim government on its assumption of office. The EU considers the promulgation of the interim constitution, and the formation of the interim parliament and government, as important milestones in the peace process in Nepal. They lay the ground for re-establishing stable democratic structures and institutions and, in the long term, a sustainable peace. The EU looks to the new government to operate in line with democratic principles, to tackle impunity, to deliver reforms through state institutions and to dismantle any parallel structures.

The EU encourages the interim government and the recently formed interim parliament to move the peace process further forward by preparing vigorously for timely elections for the constituent assembly. The EU lends its full support to the UN in its work in monitoring the peace process and the forthcoming elections.

The EU calls on all political forces in Nepal to demonstrate their commitment to fundamental democratic values in order to allow free and fair elections to take place. The EU reiterates its firm belief that the people of Nepal are entitled to live by the rule of law and free of fear and intimidation and that their human rights should be respected. We call on all groups to co-operate fully with the OHCHR.

Given continuing concerns about the fragile security situation, the EU encourages the new government to restore law and order, in particular in the countryside and in view of the shocking killings in Gaur. The EU urges the government to bring the culprits to justice.

The EU underlines its continuing support for the peace process. The EU Member States and the European Commission are fully committed to assisting the peace process. We are providing support for the electoral preparations in particular, to help the government to fulfil its aim of enabling everyone, including traditionally marginalised groups and especially women, to participate. We will respond positively to the Government of Nepal’s invitation to observe the constitutional assembly elections. The EU will continue to support the development of Nepal through various bilateral programmes and through contributions to the Nepali Peace Trust Fund to help ensure the success of these crucial elections.

The EU welcomes the Government’s efforts to hold a dialogue on all issues raised by the protests of the Madhesis and other minority groups. The EU urges that this should be a comprehensive dialogue in which all representative groups are involved, in line with the commitment in the peace agreement to work for the inclusion of all marginalised and excluded groups.

  • Ref: CL07-086EN
  • EU source: Council
  • UN forum: 
  • Date: 1/4/2007

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