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Future status of Kosovo: Statement by EU Commissioner Rehn on high level meeting in Vienna

Summary: Future status of Kosovo: Statement by EU Commissioner Rehn on high level meeting in Vienna (10 March 2007: Brussels)

Statement by Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn, on the high level meeting in Vienna on the future status of Kosovo

"Today's high-level talks in Vienna concluded the negotiations held over the last 14 months between United Nations Office of the Special Envoy for Kosovo (UNOSEK) and the concerned parties on the future status of Kosovo. I wish to thank President Ahtisaari for his untiring efforts and leadership throughout this process. I fully support his intention to present his final proposal to the UN Security Council in the course of this month. President Ahtisaari's settlement proposal is a realistic compromise, given the parties' irreconcilable positions on Kosovo's status. It provides a framework for a future stable, democratic and multi-ethnic Kosovo. I welcome the importance given in the settlement proposal to the protection of rights of communities, the right of return for all displaced persons, the protection of cultural and religious sites and the provisions of decentralisation. A sustainable solution of Kosovo's status is needed, without further delay. The Commission remains fully committed to helping to bring the status process through to completion during the next phase in the United Nations. The status settlement will have to be anchored in a clear European perspective, so as to enhance stability in Kosovo and in the wider region."

  • Ref: EC07-061EN
  • EU source: European Commission
  • UN forum: 
  • Date: 12/3/2007

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