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EU HR Ashton welcomes Summit between the Presidents of Sudan and South Sudan in Khartoum

Summary: 6 September 2013, Brussels - The spokesperson of Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission, issued the following statement today on the Summit between the Presidents of Sudan and South Sudan in Khartoum:

"The High Representative welcomes the outcome of the Summit held in Khartoum on 3 September between the Presidents of Sudan and South Sudan. She is encouraged by the renewed commitments expressed by both parties to proceed with the implementation of the Addis Agreements of 27 September 2012 and to work to resolve other outstanding issues, including the final status of Abyei and border-related issues. The High Representative hopes that these commitments will be translated into concrete action without further delay. The assurance given by the Government of Sudan that oil exports from South Sudan will continue to flow is an important step forward in this regard.

The High Representative also welcomes the commitment given by both Presidents to support and facilitate the work of the two mechanisms established at the suggestion of President Mbeki to address the security concerns of both Parties.

Peaceful relations between Sudan and South Sudan are essential for the development of both countries and the well-being of their people. The High Representative encourages Sudan and South Sudan to continue their constructive dialogue to normalise their relations."

  • Ref: EU13-414EN
  • EU source: European Union
  • UN forum: 
  • Date: 6/9/2013

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