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Egypt: EU Commission calls for orderly transition and holding of free and fair elections

Summary: 2 February 2011, Brussels - The European Commission calls for orderly transition and the holding of free and fair elections in Egypt

“The European Commission has been following closely the latest events in Egypt and at its meeting today expressed its firm commitment to support the legitimate aspirations of the people of Egypt.

The European Commission reiterates the call for an orderly transition in Egypt through a comprehensive process encompassing all political forces and civil society ready to abide by democratic norms. We urge for the necessary reforms including the holding of free and fair elections to be undertaken in a timely, decisive and concrete manner.

The European Commission firmly believes that rule of law, respect for fundamental rights, free and fair elections and a pluralist democracy anchored in an active civil society are the best means to achieve stability and prosperity.

These are the very foundational principles of the European Union and are also the core values that underpin the cooperation with our partner countries, notably those that are part of the European Neighbourhood Policy in the Southern rim of the Mediterranean.

European and Mediterranean countries share a common history and cultural heritage. The basic hopes and ambitions of people in the South of the Mediterranean do not differ from those living in the North of the Mediterranean: dignity, well-being and respect for personal freedoms.

The European Commission stands ready to step up its assistance to Egypt and its people in this transition."

  • Ref: EC11-010EN
  • EU source: European Commission
  • UN forum: 
  • Date: 2/2/2011

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